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Our Training & Workshops...

...are completely flexible, from off the shelf 60 minute bitesize Zoom Sessions to half and full day training courses and workshops, to a complete learning programme all delivered face to face or is up to you!

Remote Process Workshops

Using virtual Breakout Rooms and collaborative on-line whiteboards, we have designed our remote workshops to be as near to a 'face to face' experience as possible.  We provide tutorials to some of your team who act as team facilitators...a great development opportunity for them too! Do you have a specific process issue or require a broader improvement programme? Contact us and we can design an innovative interactive workshop for your team.

The 'Cash Challenge' Workshop

Successfully completed for over 40 organisations, now re-designed and delivered in 2020 for remotely managed credit teams and proven in a number of organisations. Once again we provide tutorial sessions to your team on the latest tools we use. So ask yourself do you want to increase your cash collection in a given period by a minimum of  20%? How much is that worth in your organisation? 

The Zoom Bitesize Sessions

These 60 minute Zoom sessions have been delivered to many organisations during 2020 for up to 50 delegates at a time. Designed to assist organisations understand 'How to...' in the new way of working these sessions include 'Managing Remotely', 'Stakeholder Management & Roadmap', 'KPIs for the New Normal', 'The Covid-19 Credit Managers Playbook' and many more you can book one or all of them. Contact us for more  details.

Training & Development

Skills and technical training, either specifically designed around your needs or off the shelf, will get you and your team delivering to their potential sooner. From Telephone Collections Skills, Negotiation, Leadership, Managing Remotely, Credit Assessment, Advanced Collections, Building a Plan and the 'Credit Strategy Simulator' are just some of the programmes we have delivered to clients. with excellent results. All programmes are designed and delivered by our network of operational and qualified Credit Professionals. 

Giving a Presentation
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